Monique Jutras


Singer, multi-instrumentalist (guitar, harmonicas, jew's harps, bones, spoons, foot-tapping, dancing "limberjacks”) and ethnologist, Monique Jutras presents a remarkable repertoire of French traditional folksongs from Québec and Canada:  call-and-response party songs, working, rowing, maritime and children"s songs; medieval ballads; and typical Québécois mouth-music (turlute) that appeal to audiences of all ages and origins and highlight French-Canadian history and culture in a unique way.

“… a well-researched melding of history with musical talent, humorously delivered.  Our response was unanimous: the show is original and educational, a true work of art!”  Louise Prévost, Association Québec-France

“Her research of the music and history, her stage presence and well-placed vignettes, and her amazing incarnation of  La Bolduc took me on an unforgettable journey through space and time.”  Pierre Gagnon, director/producer


Enjoy Monique Jutras’story about the Little-Delisle family and a typical French Québécois “kitchen” party!


 Lyrics of "La Turlute des Little-Delisle"


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